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Because simple is better

New exterior colours for Softub portable spa

Why Softub?

It is portable…not inflatable! Only your pride will be inflated!


  • Weighs less than 75 pounds!
  • Use it inside our outside year round!
  • Installs in minutes…Anywhere!
  • Secure! Lid locks with 4 comb. locks!
  • You can store it easily when not used!
  • Bring it at the cottage or at a friend’s


  • Simple heating technology…that means fewer things to go wrong!
  • Made of a Durable Polybond  Foam and Leather WeatherTex ™
  • No matter the weather- sun, rain, frost or snow, Softub’s UV protected Leather Tex ™  exterior is design for long life!
  • 5 year limited warranty


  • Less expensive at purchase
  • Plugs into a standard outlet (120V)
  • Cost less than $10/month electricity
  • Heats up to 106 degrees
  • All models are registered as Energy Efficient Appliances

I am here to help you!

Always ask for a Qualified Softub Canada Technician.

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Raymonde Beaton,

Qualified Technician

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Raymonde Beaton is a qualified Softub Canada Technician

Build your tub

Softub 140

(1-2 people)

Softub 220

(3-4 people)

Softub 300

(5-6 people)

Use your softub in town

Use it at the Cottage year round or bring it back in town to enjoy!


Use your Softub in the summer

Yes! you can use it outside year round!

Use your Softub in the winter
Portable hot tub being installed in a small backyard

Small yard…NO access to backyard? NO problem! You too can have your Hot tub!

Softub Portable Hot tub gets in by the front door, out the back door into your backyard!!!

Portable hot tub on a patio
Softub portable spa in a solarium

Install it inside your Solarium, in your basement or even on your boat!

Softub portable spa in a basement

Proud to be a canadian product!

Softub Canada has been distributing and manufacturing the Softub in Canada since 1990. Softub is Canada’s truly portable hot tub, weighing as little as 50lbs empty. Softub is one of the most eco-friendly hot tubs on the market today. A patented heat recovery system keeps energy costs as little as $10/month and waste materials from the manufacturing process are recyclable.

The Softub requires no special plumbing or wiring, simply take it home, set it up, plug it into any standard household outlet and RELAX. We keep it simple and make getting into hot water easy & fun! Softub is Canada’s truly portable hot tub available in three sizes. Softub is retailed through a national dealer network across Canada.

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