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Always ask for a Qualified Softub Canada Technician.

Only do business with an Authorized Softub Canada Dealer.

Raymonde Beaton,

Qualified Technician

Bilingual Services (English – Français)

Raymonde Beaton is a qualified technician for Softub

I can fix your tub!

That is one the wonderful things about a Softub…you can easily disconnect and drop off your Hydromate to my repair shop!

I also provide pickup/delivery service ($).

Depending on the issue, I offer on-site service ($).

No matter what the issue is with your Softub, it is so easy and simple,  I can fix it!

I first do an inspection/assessment of the issue ($) and provide your with a detailed quote for the repairs.

You then decide to go-ahead or not with the repairs.

All fees must be paid in advance.

Consult your owner’s manual for basic troubleshooting information or call me. Softub dealers are factory-trained and certified to service the Softub product.

1) ALL fees must be paid (usually by bank e-transfer) PRIOR to pickup or inspection.

2) A quote for the repairs (Parts & Labour + 13% tax) will be provided and if you agree to go-ahead with repairs, the total cost MUST be paid prior to proceeding with repairs.

Hydromate Repairs

  • $125 Inspection/Assessment
  • $100 Hourly rate

Service call – Onsite

  • $250 Service call
  • $125 Inspection/Assessment
  • $100 hourly rate

Hydromate Pickup (depending on distance)

  • $125 pickup
  • $125 Delivery

Tub Pickup (depending on distance)

  • $125 

Give a spa a second life!

Liner replacement (including all new jet seals)

Your tub will look like a brand new one!!!

Price varies depending on Tub size (T140/T220/T300) ranging from $1,000 to $1,500. It also depends on the quality of your tub shell after removing the old liner.


Old Softub needs refurbishing


Softub looks like a brand new after repairs

If you have an old Softub that you don’t want to use anymore and depending on its quality, contact for free pick-up! See our Pre-owned page

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cell: 613-794-3551

Celebrating over 8 years experience in the Sale and Repairs of Softub Canada Products in

Ontario: Ottawa and Greater Ottawa Region

Quebec: L’Outaouais et les environs

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